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We propose the creation of communications systems aimed at interaction with consumers using video. We combine topical content, television technology, and digital marketing experience to attract your audience.

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Is it enough to see once?

We have prepared EXPLANATORY VIDEOS for you, seeing that you will understand what we offer in order to MAKE BUSINESS VISIBLE, for whom VIDEO MARKETING is as efficient as possible, how we do it and how the budget is being formed. The full content of our EXPLAINING VIDEO, we presented in the form of text with illustrations on the page of this site. You can read this text if you wish. At the end of the text, you will find our contacts and can ask questions.
Or you can immediately make a request for services if you are ready for this after watching the video. For your convenience, use the button below.

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We will introduce you to an effective marketing system that allows you to get new opportunities. The main of which is the possibility of expanding business. The ability to influence consumers far beyond their offices and sales departments. Get closer to consumers, wherever they are, or invite them into their world and create an impression as if they really visited you and you met. This was previously unavailable to most organizations. Even for the lucky ones using television advertising, their few tens of seconds of video did not reveal such marketing opportunities. To begin with, we will define what we call the Video Marketing to avoid unnecessary confusion.

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The Videomarketing is a communications program aimed at the organization’s interaction with consumers through video

Not just to draw attention to your product, but to establish interaction - this is what modern technologies allow us to do. Modern audio-visual communication technology allows many events and people to become famous due to the availability of their digitized creative product.

Why exactly video?

From our point of view, the video has the highest communication capabilities, because it is a more natural way for a person. And the point is not that people are lazy and do not want to read. The book is still an unsurpassed source of knowledge, and the most effective way to spread thoughts. But relationships are more than thoughts or knowledge. It seemed to us that Chris Anderson, curator of the TED conference, gave the most accurate explanations for the phenomenon of video.

Reading and writing is a relatively recent invention. Face to face communication has been honed over millions of years. Audio-video information has a great impact because our brain is evolutionarily tuned to its perception and decoding. Why do we like to watch videos of famous scientists or entrepreneurs, although their reports can be read much faster? Because in live communication there are not only words. In non-verbal communication there is a “powerful magic” hidden behind intonation, facial expressions, individual gestures, in contact views and in a number of other subconscious prompts that help to understand and be inspired by what has been said.
Chris Anderson, curator of TED Talks
Reading and writing is a relatively recent invention. Face to face communication has been honed over millions of years. Audio-video information has a great impact because our brain is evolutionarily tuned to its perception and decoding. Why do we like to watch videos of famous scientists or entrepreneurs, although their reports can be read much faster? Because in live communication there are not only words. In non-verbal communication there is a “powerful magic” hidden behind intonation, facial expressions, individual gestures, in contact views and in a number of other subconscious prompts that help to understand and be inspired by what has been said.
Chris Anderson, curator of TED Talks

About the project and our experience

The project VIDEMARKETING.UA was created by the MARK BRAUS MEDIA media division of MARK BRAUS to monetize the services and technologies we developed. We will tell your story. Initially, services were created for internal use. We enthusiastically embraced the idea of ​​using video to promote B2B consulting services. For these purposes, the company has created a division of Mark Braus Media. It seemed that the project would be simple and very effective, we were waiting for quick and impressive business results. Instead, they were involved in a very expensive project with almost zero results. Not wanting to put up with the situation, we only stepped up efforts. When you hear everywhere that video is our future, you unwittingly begin to blame yourself for failures, and not this wonderful way of communication. It turned out to be a real trap from which it was difficult to get out. For ten years, we learned all about the production of video, and learned a lot. We shot animated videos and training videos in a professional studio, distributed it to our target audience, but this brought the opposite result. Having received some knowledge, our clients refused our services. This is the effect of Dunning-Kruger - when a self-confident idea arises from the receipt of superficial knowledge about the subject that everything is simple and clear. We didn’t just lose our customers, we left them in a state that was detrimental to their projects. They made unsuccessful decisions, and at the same time, were unable to realize their mistakes due to the low level of their qualifications. As a result, we abandoned video marketing consulting services and began to hold seminars again. But this did not stop us for long. We began to offer the production of video "takeaway" as a public service, because the noise around the "omnipotence of the marketing video" did not subside. After several successful and several unsuccessful communication projects with excellent video inside, we realized that video content is only part of a complex system. The most expensive, but not self-sufficient.
Based on our experience, we created VIDEMARKETING.UA as a service for creating and maintaining a communication channel. We have maintained and developed our media division. But MARK BRAUS MEDIA no longer offers the production of video "takeaway", we produce it only for VIDEMARKETING.UA and some of our own projects. Now we understand how everything works and know how to achieve success. Ten years later, we can say with confidence:

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In the word combination, Video-Marketing the second part is the main.
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Video is only part of the system. Expensive, but not self-sufficient.
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Videomarketing works! But not for everyone.

We believe that for such a service as ours, it would be wise to share experiences and warn those who wish. To tell about the problems we faced ourselves, instead of promising to “make happy” with video marketing of everyone. We do not offer a “silver bullet” for any business. We offer our experience to those to whom Video Marketing can bring significant benefits.


Three myths about the video

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Does it easy to shoot a video?
Making amateur videos has really become easier, but it becomes more difficult to shoot corporate videos every day. The reason is obvious. Everyone is shooting a video. Competition for the attention of the audience is intensifying, and in order to provide a visible “gap” with advanced enthusiasts, we have to try. The viewer sometimes watches funny amateur videos about products with more interest than the official video. Some manufacturers are even happy, and they lose their vigilance. In fact, they are takes marketing communication out of control. It becomes difficult to shoot a video that can retain corporate control over the information field of its product.
Has video become available for everyone?
Equipment that allows you to shoot professional-quality video, now really became available in the price for anyone. Even aerial photography is now available for those who do not know how to fly the device manually. But ...
Exactly what gets into the frame has always influenced the budget to a greater extent. Creating quality content remains an expensive pleasure.
Is video effective for everyone?
We would also like to think so. But it is not.
We are not trying to "videoolize" this world, do not support the widespread euphoria from the video. We do not believe that the video will help everyone in his business. We are not video propagandists, but realists. We devoted a whole section on this page to explaining exactly what kind of human activity this tool is effective for, and which is redundant.

Three criteria for the feasibility of video marketing


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Of course, not every organization is ready to show itself to consumers. Sometimes it seems that it is better to hide your imperfections from the world or even to hide the real advantages from prying eyes in order to avoid trouble. It is difficult to disagree with this, but it is worth noting that visual interaction with consumers does not require full exposure. Consumers are not interested in corporate secrets. Consumers are interested in proposals and the ability of organizations to meet their needs. As well as faces of the organization, this is what customers want to see. People who represent the organization, and create its added value. Sometimes they want to see themselves or more experienced consumers.
Excellent - this is suitable for video marketing! People move and even sounding. This distinguishes them, for example, from real estate.

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People in the context of their activity are the main characters of video marketing. If an organization has bright people and ideas, it already has something to show.

Whether they are employees who transform the physical world, or customers who interact with the organization and its products - the person is the center of everything. The human figure on our logo reflects this. We are convinced that the presentation of people in the context of their active work is best suited for marketing video.
People can not only be active in the material world, but also generate meanings. Knowledge or services are sometimes invisible, but they really exist. The video provides features for explaining complex content not available for photos or texts. Miraculously materializes the invisible, showing it in the form of animated images.
If an organization has bright people and ideas, it already has something to show. People and ideas are exactly what distinguishes an organization from competitors who quickly replicate successful products and services. People and ideas is something that is constantly changing and therefore does not annoy the viewers.

Below we provide a matrix illustrating our view on the possibilities for video marketing in some sectors and activities. We plan with time to adjust and supplement it.

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Since the modern world is ruled by television, you have to create your own media if you are claiming to influence people.
Here we are talking not about some TV technologies or their own cloud servers. You can order video production. You can "park" content on YouTube, or on social networks. We are talking about the fact that success requires its own "button". Your internet TV. Its a "window into the world". In what world looks at the organization. That isolated place in the information ocean, where the organization is present, and no one prevents it from communicating with consumers. It's like staying on a satellite, or getting a license for air or cable broadcasting. It works, and this is the best opportunity to be visible.

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The modern world is ruled by TV. You have to create your own media if you pretend to influence people.

Fortunately, we understand how to build such an "Internet TV". There are several ways that are largely dependent on the content that will be broadcast. If an organization does not have its own media resource, it can be created quickly and efficiently. We can say that the option (B) is available for organizations of any scale.


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Everything loses its meaning if no one looks at what the organization shows. It does not matter how much everything is creative and convincing. It does not matter how much money is spent. And even it does not matter what the organization is proud of its content. If nobody watches the content - it's just not there.
There is an eternal question about what is initially. Chicken or egg? First, do I have to create a high-quality video and then engage the audience or vice versa?
The answer is extremely simple. You have to pay. Allocate a budget to attract audiences. You can buy eggs to hatch chicks, or buy a chicken to carry eggs.

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We have already learned how to determine for whom Video Marketing is effective, and we will take care of everything for you if you find yourself among these lucky ones.


Create the communication channel

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At the first stage, the content that will be broadcast is projected. This stage involves conducting studies that show which video formats will be most effective for the project. Scripts are written, locations are selected and performers are determined, graphics are created. Team training and rehearsal. Shooting test videos and pilot series. In the second stage, we create a "TV". And in the third stage, we are conducting a pilot campaign to attract an audience.

Filling the channel with content

What content will be broadcast to the audience is determined at the design stage of the content. Of course, besides planning what will be shown to the audience, the frequency of the broadcast and the level of material are determined. Congruence and budget are two variables that define the framework and allow you to create a balance. The congruence of business perception is the correspondence of the level of communication with the consumer to the level of the product, service, and infrastructure. Low quality of communications does not allow to adequately present the existing business in the market. High-quality communications, not corresponding to reality, provokes excessive customer expectations. Ensuring congruence affects whether it is permissible to produce the video by the efforts of the company itself, or we will offer to produce video in our studio, or we will recommend using high-budget production.

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The congruence of business perception is the correspondence of the level of communication with the consumer to the level of the product, service and infrastructure.

We, as a rule, suggest using at least three different formats for filling the created channel. This allows corporate broadcasting to give some imaginary volume, to create an attractive variety. Provide the required frequency of publications at optimal cost. The use of mix content enables organizations to dilute customized professional content with their own videos without losing congruence. Below we give for illustration some examples produced by our studio formats.

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In addition to VIDEOMARKETING, we have created two more media services NEWSROOM and PROMO BOOKLET, allowing the organization to form its own information field and fill it with content. Although each service is autonomous and can be used by itself, sharing services is most effective. Each of the three services performs a different function, and together they provide the necessary “three touches” with the audience. These are outsourcing services that enable an organization to carry out its core business, rather than build up its media infrastructure and competencies for a marketing project that does not imply monetization of a media product. At the same time, an organization can immediately operate with professional content congruent to its level. You can get acquainted with the services in more detail on their sites by clicking on the links. If necessary, an integrated media program can be created that can be built as a combination of several services.

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News service embedded on a corporate website

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Electronic publishing service embedded in a corporate website


Initialization Costs

The first part is the cost of creating a communication channel - we call this the Initialization of the project. Initialization is funded in stages. First, a budget for research and planning is allocated, then test production is funded, as well as the creation of a pilot series of content, the amount of such funding is determined at the planning stage. In addition, at the stage of project initiation, the creation of media and the campaign for the primary audience engagement are funded.

Current expenses

After bringing the channel into a state of readiness for use, everyday scheduled work begins. The budget is spent on video production, media management and audience engagement. Taking into account the annual cycle in the business sphere, as a rule, an annual budget is formed.


As we are talking about Video Marketing, video production costs make up the bulk of the budget. This does not correspond to the structure of a traditional television advertising campaign, in which the main costs fall on the placement of a video clip on TV channels. In the case of video marketing, the duration of the video can reach 20 minutes and even an hour. There is no advertising repetition of the same video in video marketing. It is rather a mini-series, constantly updated content. Therefore, the technological effectiveness of video production, which is more typical of television projects than the one-time production of creative commercials, becomes a very important economic factor. We use technologies that reduce the cost of production of video content.




To offer you to effectively use video to achieve specific business goals, we need to learn more about your business and those very goals. This will help us recommend the right tools for the job. We cannot make a formal price offer before we decide on key themes, video formats, and broadcasting networks. But we can give an idea of ​what you should expect when you request. To help assess what the cost of initializing a project might be, and what could be the approximate budget for a year. We will also provide price ranges for the production of some video types suitable for the project.

To get a preliminary video strategy and an approximate price for your project, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Watch our VIDEO is more convenient than reading our big text. But VIDEOMARKETING.UA publishes the text to save the choice. To emphasize that the video is not an alternative to the text, but its continuation. We are convinced that who has something to write about, will be and what to show.


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